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George R.R. Martin Has an Answer to Fans Who Say He Might Die Before Finishing ASoIaF: “F*** You”

Don't look a gift author in the mouth.


George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books are massive, and he’s not exactly known for being quick about writing them. Hey, quality takes time (though it maybe doesn’t help that he writes on DOS). Still, he’s not too keen on fans who are concerned about his health seemingly only as it relates to his writing, and he’s got a pretty succinct message for those people.

Speaking to Swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger earlier this week, Martin was asked how he feels about fan speculation that he might die before he finishes writing the series, and surprise! He’s not too happy about it. The interviewer seems a little nervous about even bringing up the subject, and he gets pretty much exactly the answer you’d expect: “F*** you.” Martin even throws up a middle finger, which you should absolutely watch him do for yourself on Tagesanzeiger‘s site. (They’ve got more from the interview, too.)

Remember, fans—and this goes for fans of anything—remember to treat the creator of what you love with a bit of respect. All men must die, but if you’re going to worry about someone’s death, maybe keep the more selfish parts of that concern to yourself. Writers have feelings, you know—even writers who mercilessly slaughter your favorite characters at every possible chance.

(Tagesanzeiger via UPROXX, image via Gage Skidmore)

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