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Genderswapped Harry Potter Characters Will Make You Think All The Things

This is just like magic!

You’ve read all seven books. You’ve seen all eight movies. You know the characters of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter inside and out. Or do you? Take a look at what happens when DeviantArtist maaria decided to tweak your memories just a bit by laying good ‘ol Rule 63 on the cast of the books. 

Here’s part one of the series:

Ok, starting at the top left and going clockwise: Professor Snape, Harry, and Ron, then Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix, Fred and George, Hermione, Ron, and Harry running to class and in the center, Harry and Ginny having a moment.

Here’s part two:

Starting at the top again: Hermione and Ron, Ron and Hermione, Draco, then Neville, Ginny, and Luna, and finally (perhaps my favorite), Hagrid telling Harry/Harriet, she’s a witch.

And because it’s super adorable, here’s Luna and Neville.

Maria says she’s gotten a lot of great responses on the series so far and will try to do more when she’s got time. She says Hermione, Fred & George and Voldemort have been the favorites of viewers overall. Who’s your favorite?

(via Nub Life)

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