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Gem Collector, Perhaps the Most Complex in-Minecraft Game Ever Conceived [Video]

Minecraft has already proven itself to be a surprisingly robust platform for tinkerers to create computers and even games within the game world itself. Now, Minecraft experts Rezz and Psycho_ewt have brought us Gem Collector, a shockingly robust maze game built entirely inside Minecraft. In the game, the player moves around an enormous NES-style controller, which moves the player on the screen. Gems are collected, lives are lost, and sound effects are played. It’s amazing to watch, but it will surely make all of your own Minecraft creations seem a little lacking.

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According to Rezz, this is what’s powering Gem Collector.

4 bits demultiplexer

8 bits decoder and wall detector

4 bits demultiplexer

8 bits decoder

Up and Down controller device

Screen with 256 pixels

Game over device

Left and Right controller device

Sound effects / soundtrack

Every pieces built separately and improved individually to find the fastest speed/compact/stable

Over 2 TOTAL revamp

Built back together using mcedit

(Theory Crafting via BuzzFeed)

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