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Geeks: Bite Your Tongue

Consider the Following

So when I was in my college marching band (at a Division III school very focused on academics), we had a selection of chants that we referred to as “Fiery Death Cheers,” which we were no longer allowed to yell at football games, because some of the players on our own team had politely asked us not to. One of them went like this:

That’s alright, that’s okay,
We have higher GPAs!
That’s alright, that’s okay,
You will work for us some day!

Apparently that one really pissed off the other teams.

We also had cheers about secants and cosines (and holding lines). And we tried to get one for penalties based on the quote “I reject your reality, and substitute my own,” (popularized but not created by Adam Savage) but it just didn’t remain clear and understandable when shouted by twenty people in unison. Que sera.

(via Buzzfeed.)

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