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Introducing: Geekosystem’s Random Button

We are thrilled to tell you about a new feature on our site that we think you will like. As of this afternoon, Geekosystem has added a random button to all of our posts. It’s pretty self-explanatory:

  • 1. Click on the 20-sided die at the top-right corner of any post
  • 2. ???
  • 3. Profit [by experiencing a random Geekosystem post from the past, present, or future]

What makes the random button work is that it only cycles you through stories that we think will still be fresh and interesting whenever you read them.We recognize that stories like early April’s “Rumor: Joss Whedon to Direct The Avengers?!?” (answer: yes) don’t have the best of shelf lives, which is why they’re not in the random mix. Instead, we’ve selected and will continue to select hundreds of timeless posts from our dwarven vaults.

Note that the random button doesn’t appear on the front page of the site, only when you’re reading individual stories.

Who doesn’t want to learn about the hidden connections between Batman and BioShock, learn how to replace YouTube trolls with Richard Feynman quotes, or look at adorable pictures of pandas playing in the snow, whatever the season? Get randoming.

*Yes, nitpickers, it’s technically pseudorandom.

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