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Geekolinks 3/3

They're tragically fictitious.



  1. Bill Murray made a perfect tribute to Harold Ramis at the Oscars (UPROXX)
  2. Here’s a pop culture alphabet to teach your little geek (The Mary Sue)
  3. That’s great, but will it beard? (Neatorama)
  4. Celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday (yesterday) with ten great quotes (Mental Floss)
  5. You can watch Ellen’s monologue form last night’s Oscars if you missed it (Mediaite)
  6. Paula Deen’s lack of self-awareness would be funny if it wasn’t so sad (The Braiser)
  7. Michelle Obama is headed to Pawnee on Parks and Rec (The Jane Dough)

(Title pic via indoze on Reddit)

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