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Geekolinks 12/4


  1. 26 things you might not know were named after places (Mental Floss)
  2. Walmart was seriously selling this Banksy print until just now because what is irony? (Mediaite)
  3. 2013’s worst writing about milennials (Flavorwire)
  4. Want to get into shape? These are the best fitness gadgets to try (GeekSugar)
  5. Tippy the Fainting Squirrel is your new favorite sadlarious Internet mystery (HuffPo Weird)
  6. Learn how to ward off ninjas with this Archer promo (The Jane Dough)
  7. Dear Katee Sackhoff: please stop toying with our fragile hearts (The Mary Sue)

(Title pic via Evoluption on Instagram)

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