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Geekolinks 10/31


  1. Okay, Miley Cryus’s Lil Kim costume is pretty impressive. (Styleite)
  2. Make a last minute Dr. Ellie Satler costume! Not even for Halloween! Just… to wear! (Geek Sugar)
  3. This Halloween, do something different with your Jack O’Lantern. (Quirk Books)
  4. These painted/groomed Halloween costumes for dogs are the scariest of all possible costumes (Viral Viral Videos)
  5. Don’t have a costume yet? You can buy the “Sexy Vagina” from The Daily Show (The Jane Dough)
  6. This little girl dressed as all eleven doctors for Halloween. Can we adopt her? (The Mary Sue)
  7. Here, quick, learn who won the World Series so you don’t sound like a chump at your office Halloween party (Sportsgrid)

(Title pic via Instagram user tinytangerines)

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