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Geekolinks 10/13


  1. Here’s Cormac McCarthy’s hilariously deep description of Britney’s “Work Bitch” (The Jane Dough)
  2. 11 Ways the Government Shutdown affects science (Mental Floss)
  3. Bill Nye is back!! (Geek Sugar)
  4. There’s a Game of Thrones-esque Wizard of Oz in development (The Mary Sue)
  5. What happens when you replace bridal bouquets with cats? (HuffPo Weird)
  6. Charlie Hunnam finally drifted with someone who wanted him to quit 50 Shades of Gray (UPROXX)
  7. New Funko vinyls! Planet of the Apes, Back to the Future, and The Goonies! (The Mary Sue)

(Title pic via Reddit)

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