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Here Is Your Geek-O-Lantern Roundup!

This is just like magic!

Here we are, our first Halloween at The Mary Sue, and look at all these geeks with pumpkin-carving skills! It is our obligation to show you what we’ve been seeing and share some seriously glorious pumpkin art. Happy Halloween, everyone! Ten points for Griffin-gourd!

Adventure Time? No, Pumpkin Time! NO — Pumpkin Adventure Time!

Cheshire cats now infest ripened gourds as well as clear night skies:

It’s flammable on the inside!

Karen Portaelo and Shawn Feeney for Food Network‘s Halloween Wars, and their terrifying real-life Cabbage Patch Kids.

The world’s largest pumpkin carved into an army of zombies, which does not make zombies any less terrifying:

Flavorwire has a collection of super realistic and detailed carvings by renowned carver, Ray Villafane, including this one, which was really a normal face that was just SOOO CUUUUTE!

Hellboy, who has a perfect face for being lit by fire:

Seasonally appropriate jack-o-lanterns by Johnny Boy at I Heart Chaos:

Nightmare Before Christmas:

And Young Frankenstein:


Bat-o-Lantern: The Animated Series:

Ron Effing Swanson doesn’t want to hear about your stinkin’ pumpkin ravioli. Just pass the pie.

Bender, which we’re assuming actually smokes and is soaked in liquor … wait, maybe not …

(Dr. Gregory) House, carved in the first pumpkin to be diagnosed with lupus (finally):


Also from Geeks Are Sexy, Elvish carving, for the extra nerdy:

And, since we’re morally obligated to include it in anything geek-related, Star Wars:

Star Trek:

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