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Read the Geek Girl Commandments and Bill of Rights

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Whether one sees it as a good thing or the end of all you hold dear, the geek tides are a-changing. Jana Quinn over at Forces of Geek seems to agree with us that such expansion can benefit everyone, but posits that those girls who have long been entrenched in geekdom should open their arms, take the newbies under their wing, and teach them our ways. As a part of this outreach philosophy, she put together what she refers to as The Geek Girl Commandments, as well as The Geek Girl Bill of Rights, outlining the general rules and philosophies that may govern the day to day life of both the newly initiated and the veterans. Read the highlights after the jump.

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The Geek Girl Commandments

Thou shall not coyly mention your female status in forum posts, lest thee be courted for photographs of your bazooms.

Thou shall not begrudge non-geek women for entering the geekdom; for in increasing our numbers shall our collective strength grow

Thou shall not exclude thy non-geek friends from thy social life, for when thou shall seek to convert, to whom shall you preach?..

Thou shall respond with thanks to all who accuse you of doing something “like a girl…”

In the name of the Scully, the Connor, and the holy Ripley, Amen.

The Geek Girl Bill of Rights

I have the right to be taken seriously for my interests and not be accused of getting into video gaming, comic books, science, or other traditionally male-dominated geek interests to impress a guy.

I have the right to enjoy non-geeky things without losing geek cred.

I have the right to send angry emails to retailers that only offer geeky shirts in men’s styles and sizes.

So what do you think?To read the rest of the commandments and rights, and decide if there have been any glaring omissions, go here.

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