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GE’s Pinterest Gives Us Bad Science Puns, Silly Putty, Maybe One Day a Lightsaber


When I say “bad puns,” of course I mean good puns. The man pictured is Dr. Robert Coble, GE researcher, lightbulb expert, and retroactive pun enthusiast. I challenge you to leave your favorite science puns in the comments. Unless that’s not really your element.

GE also accidentally invented Silly Putty during a completely-unreleated-to-toys 1943 experiment. So you can thank them for hours of stretch-and-snap fun. (I’m not being facetious. Silly Putty was my jam when I was a kid.)

And finally, because I promised you a lightsaber…

…here are two GE researchers testing “high-quality green laser light” back in 1992. That’s over 20 years ago. Surely they can’t be that far from figuring out the lightsaber… right? Psst, GE, make me an orange one.

Check out more vintage and not-so-vintage (the ’90s don’t count yet; give it a few decades) pics on GE’s The Archives Pinboard.

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