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Game of Thrones Director Teases the Devastation To Rain Down In Season Four

No. No no no no no no no. no.

If you watch Game of Thrones, you’ll know the ninth episode of every ten-episode season is always a gigantic explosion of !!??!OMG?!??!NOOOO!?!??!!?. The director of one of those episodes—season two’s “Blackwater”—is taking on season four’s penultimate episode as well and was asked in an interview whether viewers might expect the same level of trauma they were exposed to in season three’s “The Rains of Castamere.” His response was… less than reassuring.

There’s some spoiler-y speculation under the cut, but it’s hidden by a spoiler tag; if the spoiler tag doesn’t work for any reason (we’ve been told it doesn’t on some mobile devices…? Testing, testing, do you see this?), stop reading after the (non-spoilery) quote and you’ll be fine.

Said Neil Marshall:

“I wouldn’t doubt it. I think that’s one of the key things of Game of Thrones, which is to take characters that you loved for three of four years and then butcher them brutally. Yeah, there’s a bit of drama and tragedy in my episode so I’m sure there is for the rest of the season as well.”

Way to sugarcoat it for us, Neil.

So, what’s the “drama and tragedy” that’ll take place in season four, episode nine? The most obvious answer is the Purple Wedding, but that might not work timing-wise: It takes place in book three, and we know the season’s marching through parts of book four and even five. Is there enough stuff for certain characters—say, Joffrey—to do that’ll carry them through the whole season?  The again, what happens with Tyrion immediately post-Purple Wedding would be an amazing end to the episode.

Trekking firmly into rumorville, this Tweet refers to the episode as “Castle Black” and includes a picture of members of the Night’s Watch. There’s no indication of where @NickdeSemlyen got his information, so it could easily be false. But if it is valid it probably means we’re looking at the Battle of Castle Black.

Whatever. Game of Thrones theories are a wonderful thing to partake in, but really we’ll all be in the dark for several more months regardless. The sooner we get the Purple Wedding, the better. *evil cackle*

(via: io9)

Spoilers in the comments, my lovelies.

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