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Game of Thrones, Mockingjay Get New Cast Members

Officially Official

American Horror Story‘s Lily Rabe and Royal Shakespeare Company actress Paola Dionisotti have grabbed roles in the two-part The Hunger Games: Mockingjay and Game of Thrones. But who will they play? Hit the jump to find out.

Dionisotti will be heading to Westeros as Lady Anya Waynwood, the head of one of the houses loyal to the Vale. She’s a fairly minor character, and even after reading what A Wiki of Ice and Fire has to say about her (spoilers for book four at the link), I can dredge up no memory of her other than the vague impression of it being pretty cool that she’s the lone Lady in a group of politicking Lords.

Rabe, meanwhile, has been cast as Commander Lyme, a former victor from District 2 who was one of the early converts to District 13’s Rebellion. Like Lady Anya Westwood, I remember little about Commander Lyme, but hey, Rabe was really good in what I saw of American Horror Story.

We have to be at least somewhat close to the end of casting for Game of Thrones and Mockingjay, right? The only vaguely major Mockingjay character I can think of who’s yet to be cast is Boggs. As for Game of Thrones, we’ve yet to see any Greyjoy uncles (or all non-Dorne, non-Ellaria Sand people from Dorne, but we might not go there until season five). Give me my Greyjoy uncles, show. You cannot skimp out on me when there was so little Yara to BAMF the place up last season. I mean, you can. But I’ll be sad.

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