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Game of Thrones Just Got More A Lot More Bearable

Bear Time

When I say “Game of Thrones has cast a bear,” I don’t mean one of the Mormont ladies from Bear Island, which is where my brain went when I read the headline “‘Game of Thrones’ add 5th country, casts bear” on Hey, I’m looking forward to the Bear Island women. They’re awesome.

But no. When I say “Game of Thrones has cast a bear,” I mean Game of Thrones has cast an actual bear. Plus they’re filming part of season three in Los Angeles, just in case any West Coast GoT fans want to stop by and try to meet the show’s newest cast member. Or, y’know, any of the human people, too. (Pah! Humans.)

The bear in question is named Bart the Bear II, named for the original Bart the Bear, Hollywood’s bear actor of choice until he passed away in 2000. If you’ve read the book you should remember where and how Bart Jr. is going to rear his head. (If you need a reminder, four words: Brienne. Jaime. Bear pit.)

That scene will be shot in Los Angeles, which now joins Morocco, Iceland, Croatia, and Northern Island on the list of Game of Thrones’ shooting locations. Said showrunner David Benioff, “For the first time, we’re flying actors to L.A. So it ends up being five countries and three units this year. It’s just exploded.”

Yeah, like Stannis’ fleet during the Battle of Blackwater. HEY-O!


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