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Gabriel Luna Joins Pedro Pascal as Tommy in The Last of Us


Gabriel Luna as Ghost Rider

HBO’s The Last of Us series has found its Tommy in Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna! The actor, who was also recently in Terminator: Dark Fate, is truly a perfect choice to bring Tommy to life. Throughout part 1 of the game, Joel (Pedro Pascal) is on the search for his brother Tommy to help find a cure for Ellie (Bella Ramsey) for this disease taking over. In the beginning, we get a glimpse of “Outbreak Day,” but the game takes place 20 years after that.

So how is Tommy going to be used in the show? We’ll have to see. Neil Druckmann, the executive producer for the show, already explained that it will differ from its video game counterpart. So maybe the search for Tommy will be quicker than in gameplay? Either way, I’m just excited to see Luna and Pascal on screen together.

The news broke late last night that Luna would be joining as Tommy, and it seems that he’s just as excited to be a part of The Last of Us as we are!

And seeing the cast get excited about Luna’s involvement was wonderful! Especially between the brothers.

Honestly, Pedro Pascal and Gabriel Luna both reacting to the news by yelling about Texas is truly delightful. (Which is wonderful because the characters are from Texas, as well! And it is taking everything in me right now to not make a Friday Night Lights joke.)

The Last of Us is going to be an exciting new adventure for HBO. Adapting a video game into a series isn’t something that we’ve seen done too frequently, at least not on a platform like HBO, so I’m interested to see just how much they change from the game to the series, but that being said, getting to see Pascal as Joel with Luna as Tommy is going to delight me to no end.

The show is set to begin filming this summer in Canada, and that gives me plenty of time to play The Last of Us: Part I and The Last of Us: Part II over and over again to just keep crying about Joel and Tommy as characters.

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