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More Details on Futurama Season 7

Good News Everyone!


Fresh off of yesterday’s incidental reveal of the definite definite existence of another season of Futurama, we’ve got a bit more news. And guess what? We’re getting two more years of Futurama! 13 episodes per summer.

Big Shiny Robot shares an email between them and voice actor Maurice LaMarche:

13 new episodes have been ordered, with an additional 13 optional. This is apart from the 13 episodes that will air beginning in June, 2011, on Comedy Central. So, yes, they will air in 13 episode blocks (Comedy Central loves those, for some reason), so that means there will be new Futurama in summer of 2012, and most probably in summer of 2013 as well, all off of this one order.

Wait, you say, does this mean we won’t get any new Futurama until next summer? Worry not, citizens of Earth.

Because Futurama season six isn’t over yet. Six contained twenty-six episodes, thirteen of which aired last summer. The remaining half will air this summer. Then, according to LaMarche, we’ll get the first half of season seven in summer 2012, and the second half in 2013.

So could someone look into postponing the Mayan apocalypse? Yeah. It just seems like that’s going to be inconvenient.

(via Big Shiny Robot.)

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