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Did You Know There’s More Than One Futurama-Chrono Trigger Mashup?

If the Internet is good for anything that isn’t porn or playing video games online, it’s that if something is conceivable, someone probably already thought of it and you can find a community with which to discuss it. Anyone who visits any online social community is probably already aware how much love the Internet has for the hilarious but consistently sad comedy Futurama, and one of Squaresoft’s better video games before they lost touch with their industry, Chrono Trigger. It probably won’t be surprising to know that there’s a FuturamaChrono Trigger mashup out there in the wilds of the Internet, but did you it doesn’t stop at just one?

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The above, more intricate image appeared as a panel in a brentalfloss comic, which can be viewed here. The comic focused on the rumor of a Chrono Trigger movie with Matt Groening directing, so from there it wasn’t too much of a leap to connect a show about time traveling to a video game about time traveling.

The following mashup is from deviantART user, spacecoyote, who received inspiration for the mashup from the names she gave to her Chrono Trigger characters. Hypnotoad as Frog is pretty much the best.

Both of the images have been floating around the Internet for a while, with the brentalfloss comic panel oddly the rarer of the two. We simply felt you should know that Futurama and Chrono Trigger have been mashed up more than once. Now, someone needs to take the Chrono Trigger characters and dress them up like our beloved Futurama heroes.

(via Tom Preston, spacecoyote, brentalfloss)

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