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Lawyer Now Attempting to Stop Transfer of Operation BearLove Money

There’s nothing quite like hanging a sign on yourself for the hate of the internet by filing to stop the transfer of $211,223.04 to the National Wildlife Federation and American Cancer Society. And yet, that’s exactly what Charles Carreon has done in the now-infamous FunnyJunk vs The Oatmeal debacle. It doesn’t even have relevance to FunnyJunk now and it seems to be out of pure spite to stop Matthew Inman, the guy behind The Oatmeal, from taking a photo of the money in a mocking fashion. Not sure this is the way to go about saving face.

But it looks like there are some holes in the declaration Carreon provided when he filed the motion. Adam Steinbaugh notes that there are a few oddities in it which could be viewed as intentionally false and thus subject to the perjury clause of the filing. For example, Carreon claims that he donated only to find out that it wouldn’t be immediately donated to the two charities or that the site facilitating the fundraiser, IndieGoGo, would take a piece of the action for their services.

He also claims that Inman might have more nefarious intentions for the money and is seeking to stop the transfer in order to prevent any misuse. In what seems an even pettier point, Carreon states that Inman’s decision to only donate to the two initial charities was not a mutual matter. Because that matters terribly. It’s not like Inman’s post on the matter was terribly disrespectful and his decision was directly related to the claim’s made so it shouldn’t be a surprise it reads that way.

And so we enter another chapter in the frivolous lawsuit. Hopefully, the entire thing will be dismissed.

(Adam Steinbaugh via Popehat, image credit via Matthew Inman)

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