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Full-Size LEGO Halo Sniper Rifle is Impressive

There’s a surprisingly strong tradition of LEGO guns, and a growing tradition (I hope) of LEGO guns from video games. Doing his part to contribute to the trend is Nick Jenson, who built this huge, heavy, impressive LEGO version of the SRS 99 Anti-Matériel sniper rifle from Halo: Reach. Now, I always preferred the Battle Rifle (and not the DMR), but I can respect Nick’s devotion to the sniper, devotion that yeilded this 10.5 pound, 63-inch long replica.

As far as I can tell, this build doesn’t actually do anything, but it’s pretty impressive as is. It just blows me away that people are actually able to find all the LEGOs they need to build these things. On the one hand, I’m glad this trend has seemed to stay with crazy-devoted do-it-yourself-ers, but on the other, I would buy a kit for the M-8 Avenger in a heartbeat.

(via Obvious Winner)

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