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Working LEGO Gun Shoots LEGO Bricks [Video]

Jack Streat builds working replicas of guns made out of LEGO, and built a working LEGO version of an HK UMP 45 seen in the above video. The gun can be loaded with clips of LEGO bricks, stacked in a way where the bricks don’t snap together in order for the individual bricks to fire from the gun. The LEGO replica has a cocking handle that slides forward after cocking, two magazines capable of holding fifteen bricks, a folding, lockable stock that can be removed if desired, a detachable Reflex sight and backup iron sights. For much more info on Streat’s HK UMP 45, check out his MOCpage, and if one wants to see his other LEGO weapon creations, which includes a chainsaw, check out his YouTube channel.

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