Samantha Bee destroys Ron DeSantis during Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Full Frontal’s Samantha Bee Destroys Ron DeSantis, and It’s Sweet Music to My Ears

"Governor DeSantis, please look into my eyes and eat shit."
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Full Frontal With Samantha Bee destroyed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in her latest segment, and it’s, quite honestly, music to my ears. Yes, she also warned about the fact that a new poll put DeSantis in the possible running for the Republican nomination for president in the 2024 election, alongside former President Donald Trump. But the fact still remains that even while handing out a dire warning, Bee slayed DeSantis in a manner that is unique to this late-night host.

Bee began by explaining that the poll that everyone is worried about is a small one from the Centennial Institute at the Colorado Christian University: “It’s important to note that this was one straw poll conducted at a Christian university, which explains the strong third-place showing for a plucky little fetus.”

But how is he driving Republican voters to see him as a possible candidate? Well, with his “Trumpian ability to weaponize the white resentment and culture war hysteria that drive Republican voters.” That’s seen in his fight against accurate education about racism in this country (which Republicans are trying to attack by branding it “critical race theory” and making all kinds of wild, inaccurate claims about it), his anti-trans athlete bill, and in his forcing of “intellectual diversity” surveys.

And if Republicans choose him to “Remake America Greater Again Again” in 2024, it will be because DeSantis rode Trump like “a suckerfish on a doofus shark” while pandering to him with a family-style campaign ad where he read The Apprentice like a children’s book while teaching his child to build a wall with blocks and how to say, “Make America Great Again.” All of that is absolutely cringe-worthy.

Bee also didn’t hold back on calling Gov. DeSantis what he is after making it harder for Black and Latinx constituents to have the ability to vote: “Of course DeSantis is doing whatever he can to pass racist laws, he’s racist. He’s accepted money from a rich tapestry of racists, refused to return their donations, and after President Biden dared talk about systemic racism, DeSantis couldn’t help but share his own nuanced opinion.”

In an interview on Fox News, DeSantis was asked about his reaction to systemic racism in the United States of America, and of course, he went on to say, “Well, it’s a bunch of horse manure.” And Bee responded with a truly harsh rebuttal when she said, “Ron DeSantis is so racist that he refers to separating his white laundry from his colors as segregation.”

And since the beginning of the pandemic, DeSantis has chosen “shitty posturing” over the health and safety of his constituents. “DeSantis has prioritized keeping businesses open over protecting people. Even now, he’s so committed to ignoring science, going so far as to ban all businesses from requiring that patrons be vaccinated.” This has contributed to the 2 million cases of Covid-19 in Florida and that’s something we can’t forget.

Our one hope is that DeSantis and Donald Trump cancel each other out, “Leaving Democrats to fight against the next Republican contender.” Until then, and every day that Ron DeSantis is in office, in the words of Samantha Bee, “Governor DeSantis, please look into my eyes and eat shit.”

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