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Here’s a Preview of the Dark Humor on Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee doesn’t start until this February 8th — and it’ll be simulcast on five networks at 10:30 PM ET, so the premiere will be hard to miss. Perhaps these new previews will help you decide whether you’d like to tune in.

Up until now, I haven’t been sure what to expect from this show; the commercials have been somewhat hit-or-miss for me. Today, the show’s YouTube account quietly uploaded three new videos featuring Samantha Bee skewering the most recent GOP debate. I say “quietly” because the videos haven’t been tweeted out — at least, not by any official accounts — and they still have shockingly low view counts. Seems like a “soft launch.” Regardless, the videos are worth a watch!

I’ve embedded my favorite of the three videos up top; it’s also the longest of the trio. The other two shorter videos feature Bee’s spot-on imitation of a sad Jeb Bush, and some jokes about abortion (it’s Samantha Bee — you know she’s gonna go there). I can’t tell whether these are actual segments that might end up in the premiere, or whether they’re test footage from an unaired event, or what, but these seem like a pretty good indicator of what we might expect from the show itself when it begins.

Bee has made it clear that she plans to focus a lot on political issues on the show, particularly issues affecting marginalized people. She’s also gone out of her way to hire a diverse writers’ room. So, it’s no surprise to me to see her doing political humor about, say, Planned Parenthood. However, even though I’ve seen almost every other late-night host make fun of the GOP debates, I laughed outright at Bee’s jokes here; none of them struck me as stale or same-y. That gave me some hope that her show might actually bring something new to the table as opposed to being yet another political show. We do have a lot of those already.

Also, I really missed Bee’s sarcasm and facial expressions. It was a delight to see her back in action here! What do you all think? Planning to check out the premiere?

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