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Fox News Says The Lego Movie Is Bad For America’s Kids

Everything is awesome, except for anti-big business propaganda poisoning America's children.



Well, everyone, I’m sorry to report that once again Hollywood libertards are indoctrinating our children with their dangerous anti-big business message. The Lego Movie is the newest in a string of children’s movies demonizing corporations. At least, that’s what Fox Business host Charles Payne shouts about in this cringe-worthy Fox News clip.

So even though The Lego Movie netted a healthy 69 million capitalist dollars this weekend and is essentially just a 100 minute toy commercial, Payne alleges that having the antagonist be the head of a large business forces a dangerous anti-capitalist message on America’s kids.

Yes, the villain’s name may be President Business, but that doesn’t mean that a company like LEGO, whose entire focus is on progress and building things, has an anti-capitalist bent — or that, as Payne casually says, President Business is based on Mitt Romney (yes, he does have presidential hair, but Romney is not less than two inches tall and yellow.)

Further discrediting a bunch of adults  standing around shouting in fear about a children’s toy movie (“but why? WHY?” was one of my favorite Payne moments) is Fox’s comparison of the LEGO movie to It’s A Wonderful Life, in which they unearth the underlying communist influences on that American classic,  revealing that Mr. Potter should have been the protagonist.

Interesting way to choose between your influences, Fox — forced to decide between a banker and a literal angel, you went with Mr. Potter?

Payne’s blustery argument doesn’t leave room for any subtlety. Yes, It’s A Wonderful Life and The Lego Movie both have unflattering representations of businessmen, but not of business or industry in general. They might be condemning greed, but if anything they’re supporting capitalism. The movies just acknowledge that it’s possible to wield power in irresponsible ways, which is something Fox loves accusing people of, too.

Payne claims that by taking children to movies like The Muppet Movie or The Lorax, parents are teaching them to fear capitalism — but he doesn’t acknowledge that many of those children saw the “business-hating” movies  in large chain theaters while likely enjoying a corporate carbonated beverage. In spite of all the money generated for big-businesses by kids movies like LEGO, Payne still says,  “I don’t know, I think there’s something wrong with it, for sure.” What biting rhetoric, sir.

Hey, crazy Hollywood commie movie lovers? I suggest that we all buy our children the 55.00 Lord Business’ Evil Lair LEGO sets from Walmart, because that’s going to make them realllly hate big business. Hell, while you’re there, you can get a Banksy print too.

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