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Fox News Finally Wants to Break Up With Trump

According to his horoscope, this was destined to happen

A Fox News graphic advertising an interview with Donald Trump is seen on a large TV, with bar tables seen in the screen's reflection.

It appears the love affair between Fox News and Donald Trump is coming to an end. There’s a lot I could say here, but I guess I’ll just lead with the fact that the network milked that cow for all they could and now it’s time to move on to greener pastures. I don’t know. Obviously, this is an entirely self-serving move from a company that has played a massive role in creating our current political hellscape, so if Trump is no longer good for ratings, I at least hope he drags Fox News down with him.

Anyway, take this all with a massive grain of salt because this is according to one random contributor who’s not really a “name.” Still, it’s fun to talk about conservatives turning on their own, so let’s get to it! From HuffPost:

Mara Liasson, who is also a national political correspondent for NPR, made the comment during Fox News’ “Media Buzz” on Sunday.

“There’s no doubt that the majority of conservative media — Fox first and foremost — has a strong desire to move on from Donald Trump,” Liasson said, “and [they] are not paying enough attention and giving him enough airtime and ink as they used to.”

So, as someone who refuses to believe I’m in the circumstances I’m in because I refuse to stop buying investing in Beanie Babies (the market is going to come back around on those, I feel it) and Precious Moments figurines, I spend a lot of time on astrology blogs, constantly looking for external reasons for my personal state of affairs. One of my favorites predicted Trump’s 2024 slump pretty handily, and it’s playing out in real-time already. From The Astrology with Andy Blog:

Donald Trump is about to enter one of his most astrologically challenging cycles.


First, transiting Neptune squaring his natal sun and moon.

Neptune is the master of dissolution. Structures, systems, and foundations that we thought would always be there disappear. Powerful waves take away the metaphorical sand castle we built on the shore.

This post was published on October 13, 2022, by the way. Whether you believe in astrology or not (and I do, because I am a Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising) there’s something delicious about the idea that the house of cards being built around Teflon Don finally falling away as he loses his usefulness to the power structures who built him up to be President in the first place. The post continues:

From December of 2022 until March of 2023, Trump will also experience transiting Saturn in opposition to his Mars and his ascendant.

Mars is our gas pedal; it represents our drive, ambition, and sense of victory. Our ascendant, among other things, has to do with how we are perceived. Saturn in opposition to the ascendant can bring reality checks and moments of reckoning about how we are viewed by others. Saturn in opposition to Mars can stall progress and bring a period where victories and wins are few and far between.

Since a transit of Saturn opposite the ascendant can also be interpreted as Saturn conjunct (“on top of”) the descendant — the sensitive angle where the seventh house of relationships begins — an important relationship can undergo significant testing and ultimately come to an end during this time.

So if we’re reading this correctly, ol’ Trump here is losing allies quickly, and stalling in campaign progress as well. Exactly what Liasson said on Fox News, too:

She noted that some coverage of Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement by conservative media was less than enthusiastic.

“I think you can just look at the New York Post or Fox News and remember, when he announced his election campaign, ‘Florida man announces reelection,’ page 26,” she said

According to the HuffPost article, all of Rupert Murdoch’s rightwing slimeball media empire is trying to distance themselves from Trump and go all in on Ron DeSantis, so it’s not like they have seen the error of their ways and actually want to help the country or anything. They just want another monster to back. DeSantis has not announced a 2024 candidacy for President yet, so I can’t share any astrological insight into his chart other than he’s a Virgo so he couldn’t have been a dancer for Jennifer Lopez.

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