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Frozen Will Harm the Production of “Real Men” Because Fox News is Backwards Land

♫ Do you want to build a straw man? An assertion no one maaaaaaade. ♫

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Wow. Frozen sent the message that boys are unnecessary in society? I mean, where do you even start with this?

Do we go with the sarcastic “How dare women be the heroes of the story! If we don’t teach boys to be heroes, no one will be heroic anymore, because girls can’t possibly be heroic!” angle?

Do we talk about how insane it is that there’s a mountain of movies and other fiction where men are the heroes—and villains and every other flipping part of the story—and women have basically no part other than being love interests and girls are expected to just be cool with that, but you make a single movie where guys aren’t the focus and suddenly boys will be convinced that no one needs them? Where ever will they find a story that shows them how wonderful and special they are!?

Or do we talk about the utterly absurd assertion that movies traditionally show that men are no good? Or the idea that we as a society need men to continue to be the “providers” in families for literally no discernible reason?

What do you even do when literally every word in a news segment combines into a labyrinth of inescapable madness and nonsense that’s all built on the foundation that we need to make sure traditional gender roles are perpetuated because of… reasons? I guess you post it on the Internet and let your readers take it from there.

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