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#FollowFriday: Gail Simone (@GailSimone)

Like badass lady superheroes? Then you'll love this badass lady writer.

gail simone

Every week for #FollowFriday, we pick a notable account for you to follow on Twitter. This week, we think you should start paying more attention to Gail Simone, a comic book writer who’s definitely one of the coolest — and funniest — people in the business.

Who She Is

You’ve probably heard the term “fridge stuffing”, which is used to describe a fictional story where one character — usually a female family member or love interest — is killed or injured to affect the protagonist, who’s pretty much always a male character. Gail Simone invented that term way back in 1999 for her website “Women in Refrigerators,” where she made a comprehensive list of comic book women who’d been murdered so their titular hero boyfriends could be sad about it. (The “refrigerator” thing comes from a very specific storyline in The Green Lantern where a villain leaves Kyle Radner’s girlfriend’s body in Kyle’s refrigerator for him to find).

Since then, Gail has become a powerhouse in the comic books industry as a writer for many titles, including DeadpoolBirds of PreySecret Six, Wonder Woman, the new 52’s Batgirl, Leaving Megalopolis, The Movementand Red Sonja. If you couldn’t tell from her resume, she’s particularly well known for writing interesting and diverse female superhero characters, especially in the DC Universe.

Why You Should Follow Her

If you’re a huge DC fan, then there’s no doubt that you’ve read something Gail’s written, or else have read something that’s been influenced by Gail’s work. So at the very least, it’s worth keeping track of what she’s up with with BatgirlRed Sonja, and The Movement, which are the three biggest titles she’s working with right now.

However, it’s also worth following her for her sense of humor as well. Gail is generally a pretty optimistic, positive person, but she also likes to do this thing where, after she’s made her opinion on a subject abundantly clear, she’ll start unabashedly trolling her audience on a related topic. You know, for fun. It’s always hilarious.

Great Recent Tweets:

Remember that trolling thing we were just talking about? Yeah. This was part of a much larger tangent that was inspired by recent DC movie casting news. We’re pretty sure you can guess what we’re talking about, here.

Gail loves engaging with her twitter followers and will often spin her anecdotes, interests, and trolling escapades into fun hashtag games; she’ll then end up retweeting the best ones to keep the game going. For example, here’s the set-up for her most recent hashtag, #Momcomics:




And here’s where things start to get off the rails:


(via @GailSimone on Twitter)

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