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#FollowFriday: Aaron Sagers (@aaronsagers)

He basically lives at comic book conventions.


Aaron Sager Twitter

It’s Friday, so it’s time for our weekly #FollowFriday segment where we tell you who to follow on Twitter. This week it’s entertainment writer and television host Aaron Sagers!

Who He Is

Aaron covers entertainment for a number of outlets like CNN, MTV, The Huffington Post, and he started the great Paranormal Pop Culture blog. He’s also a frequent panel host at conventions.

We run into him from time to time when we’re out in the world covering things like New York Comic Con, Space Camp, or mysterious author lunches.

Why You Should Follow

It seems like Aaron manages to attend every major geek culture event throughout the year, and he likes to keep the Internet up to speed with what he’s doing. That means his followers all have a man on the inside for a lot of great stuff. You want a man on the inside, don’t you?

Great Tweets

Get on board, everybody. Aaron Sagers is great.

(via Aaron Sagers)

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