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This Focus-Group Prophet Predicted Trump’s Twitter Meltdown After Watching the “Presidential” Joint Address



My mum loves to quote the saying, “When people show you who they are, believe them,” but apparently many members of the press have never heard that one. Despite the debacle of his first month in office, Trump was praised as “kindler [and] gentler” and “presidential” after his joint address to Congress somehow didn’t involve screaming or raving. (This despite the fact that, in said speech, he promoted a Hitler-style publication of “crimes by immigrants.” Um. Okay.)

But one panelist from Frank Lutz’s post-address focus group was not fooled. “That’s not the Donald Trump that I’ve seen for the past 30 days,” she said. “Where is that guy? I’m going to look for him on Twitter tomorrow and see what he really thinks. Great job to the speechwriter, but I will see Donald Trump at 12AM [on Twitter].”

Four days after her prediction, Trump delivered a string of conspiracy-theory tweets that were either (a) a repeat of something floating around Breitbart, or (b) an admission that he looked so guilty of colluding with Russia that the FBI (not President Obama) ordered a wire tap on him. A few of the tweets are below.

I really didn’t want to write another article about the national embarrassment that is Trump’s Twitter account, so I hope you’ll appreciate one focused on this truth-teller instead. Trump’s already shown us who he is; it’s just up to us to follow this woman’s example and remember.

(Also, if anyone hears news on this woman’s name, and knows that she wants it shared, please feel free to let me know and I’ll update. As of this writing, I was unable to locate it. I’d be excited to give her credit for her brilliance, but I don’t want to open her up to being targeted by publicizing it without her consent.)

(Via CBS News; image via screengrab)

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