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A Flower Girl With a Yoda Backpack

this exists

Get ready to feel all the feelings. Offbeat Bride brings us the story of one very nervous flower girl who just needed a particular Jedi master around to get through all the attention and stress of the ceremony. As told by their reader Ms Tara:

T, the flower girl, had spent the morning hiding under the bed. She has autism, and the prospect of an event with all those people was pretty daunting. T’s aunty finally coaxed her out from under the bed with the promise of a Yoda backpack.

One trip to the toy store later, she seemed to feel much safer. But when it came time to get dressed for the ceremony and leave Yoda behind, T refused to go without the backpack. Fortunately, T’s mom totally understood, and since she was also the bride, she was well within her rights to make a last minute invitation and addition to the wedding party. T kept Yoda on her shoulder the whole day.

It’s good to know that the Jedi are now open to training Padowans without removing them from their homes. Just look at this new family:

And now I have to stop before I tear up at work just over knowing that parents like this are raising geek girls like this out there.

(via Offbeat Bride.)

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