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Fleshlight-Holding iPad Case is Just as Creepy as It Sounds [UPDATED]

Are you speechless, or just surprised no one thought of this earlier? Behold: The Fleshlight Holding iPad Case for all your, you know, needs. Let’s not qualify that with an adjective; it speaks for itself. Now, it’s worth noting two things here. This is neither a real thing — it’s a concept mockup — nor is it officially endorsed by Fleshlight in any way, shape, or form. Last thing we need is letters from Fleshlight to start showing up at the Geekosystem office. But yeah. This is a thing someone thought of. Welcome to the future, everyone.

UPDATE: According to Gizmodo, who got in touch with Fleshlight COO Brian Shubin, this thing actually is going to be an official Fleshlight product at some point in the future.

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