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First Look at Fleming, the BBC Miniseries Based on the Author of James Bond [Video]

Starring Howard Stark, Irene Adler, and John Myers.


Spy, gambler, drinker, car aficionado — Ian Fleming not only wrote the James Bond novels, he pretty much lived them. And now here’s our first look at Dominic Cooper in a new BBC miniseries about Fleming’s experiences in Naval Intelligence during World War II.


So, this guy toned down his smoking to write Bond’s tics.

The series is set in the war-torn, Blitz-era London that, despite admonishments to keep calm and carry on, often inspired alcoholics and philanderers to live to their fullest. Fleming is unsuccessful and directionless, living off his family’s money while engaging in all those charming Bond-esque character traits we know so well: Drinking, smoking, and making time with a series of ladies. Of course, this is all before he is forced to become a spy and help stop Nazis from winning World War II, which I think we can all agree is a more worthwhile if less entertaining

Cooper will be joined on set by Lara Pulver, Rupert Evans, and Anna Chancellor, to name a few, all of which makes us very excited for this series. Here’s hoping that we also get to see Fleming’s inspiration for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang along with the 007 series somewhere in the midst of the whole British-intelligence-thing. Meanwhile, you can watch the teaser trailer for yourself:

(via ComingSoon, images via SkyAtlantic, Wikipedia)

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