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Get Ready to Be Jealous: Five-Year-Old Girl Snags a Gig Testing Toys

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What if you had a job that was so awesome that you didn’t want to take off (or be concerned with child labor laws)? You should talk to Jessica Rosbrook. She is the little lady above in the tiny lab coat, and she just scored herself a job with toy manufacturer Tomy as a chief toy tester. Go ahead. Chug that Independence Day margarita while lamenting your return to your much less wonderful job tomorrow. I’ll wait.

So, as part of her job description, Jessica, 5, gets to spend hours playing with toys from Tomy before they hit the market, providing them valuable feedback on how much fun she’s having with them. While she gets to telecommute, she also gets the opportunity to visit Tomy headquarters and test the toys there. And no doubt she is the envy of all her friends, because come on: she got her own lab coat.

But don’t think she’s looking a gift horse in the mouth. Jessica knows she’s actually doing something important for the company. Says her mom, Carly:

Jessica absolutely loves trying out all of the new toys and she’s certainly aware of how lucky she is.

At first she just enjoyed getting new things to play with but now she realises what she’s doing and that what she says could impact whether or not a toy actually makes it into the shops.

She likes the fact that she gets to try things out before other children and that her opinion counts.

And her opinion really does make a difference. Joanne Gray is the head of European marketing for Tomy, and says that direct feedback from their target audience is the best way for them to improve and sell the toys.

It’s all about hands on experience so we are really grateful for all of the insights we have gleaned from Jessica and her mum.

It’s like being in Santa’s workshop, all year ’round. Dozens of toys are shipped to the Rosbrooks’ house, and Jessica even gets to keep some of them! Lucky, lucky girl.

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