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Meet Caitlin “Meathook” Kelley, A 9-Year-Old MMA Fighter Who Can Kick You Into Next Week

i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you


She’s nine years old, she has pink hair, and she loves Justin Bieber. But don’t let that fool you into thinking Caitlin Kelley isn’t into something a little more badass. Kelley, who lives in Tampa, Florida, is actually a very accomplished competitive MMA fighter who pounds a punching bag with her bare hands. If she could, she’d train every single day, but when would she have time to do her homework? Something tells me she’d squeeze it in somehow.

At nine, Kelley, who competes under the name “Meathook Kelley” — MEATHOOK, guys, she’s NINE — is a black belt at her Tiger Schulmann‘s gym and has worked her way through the ranks fighting against both boys and girls. She punches, she kicks, she grapples — and she’s won medals, trophies and belts for her skills. In Florida, she’s ranked fourth in submission grappling. In the southeast, she’s seventh, and across the United States she’s at lucky #13. Kelley spends four nights a week at a gym that promotes an attitude of sticking with a challenge, not quitting, and building their self-esteem.

But what’s awesome about Kelley’s approach is that she has not compromised her personality or her “typical girl” passions for athletics. She’s a perfect balance, and other girls should take note if they think that sports and a crush on the Bieb are mutually exclusive. This story is super heartwarming because it’s clear that this girl has worked on building up confidence in herself that will guide her through the even tougher years to come — her teenage years. All while still being a young girl. She’s not even 10, and she’s already a role model!

I want her to rule the world and kick ass all the way to the top.

(ABC Action News via Tiger Schulmann’s MMA Blog)

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