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The Very First Vine From Space Captures A Sun That Never Sets

And it's kind of inspiringly beautiful.


NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman is about to get Vine-famous, because he’s uploaded the first-ever VineĀ from space. In Wiseman’s video, he condenses the ISS’s 92-minute lap around the Earth into six seconds, showing us lowly Earthings that, from his vantage point over the day/night terminator line, the sun never sets.

When the ISS’s orbit aligns with the point at which night and day meet on Earth, which happens right before and after the summer solstice, the ISS never falls into the dark side of Earth – meaning it never experiences a sunset. If you’re interested in more details about how this works, there’s a great sciencey explanation right here.

This first-ever space Vine has gone and made me all sentimental. Thanks for being great, Geeko readers. I space-hug all of you.

(via io9, image via NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)

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