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First Look at a Big Arrival on Season 3 of Gotham



Yes, Fox’s Gotham is sometimes painful, but it often surprises me just enough to keep me entertained, and despite their recent horrible decision to recast Ivy Pepper next season, I’m just interested enough to check out what happens, if only to complain about it. And it looks as though Gotham City is about to get a lot more preposterous. *SPOILER WARNING IF YOU WANT TO GO INTO NEXT SEASON PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW*

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If you’re caught up on Season Two of Gotham, you know that the presumed-dead Fish Mooney (played by Jada Pinkett-Smith) has actually been doing time at Indian Hill as one of Hugo Strange’s test subjects, “Patient 13.” She eventually commandeered a bus along with fellow inmates (seriously, security at Arkham is THE WORST), and drove off into the sunset, presumably to wreak havoc on Gotham City next season.

Gotham showrunner Danny Cannon posted a photo on Twitter showcasing Fish Mooney’s arrival in Season Three:

Now, Fish Mooney was already a larger-than-life, hugely stylized character. After what the character has since been through, I’m wondering if any TV screen will survive the inevitable scenery-chewing. And please don’t take this the wrong way. I actually really liked Fish Mooney as a character, and while I had trouble with her performance in the first few episodes, it quickly became one of my favorite parts of the show, because she was so committed to it. Pinkett-Smith is one of the few actors that could pull off that over-the-top character and still keep it grounded in something real. Peronally, I’m glad to see her back, and I’m looking forward to the havoc!

What do you think about the return of Fish Mooney? Tell us what you think below!

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