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Fire Spontaneously Erupts on Girl's Face During Routine Cyst-Removal Surgery

Today in horribly frightening news that could happen to you but you can’t do anything about, Kim Grice, 29, went in for routine cyst-removal surgery, and her face spontaneously caught on fire while under the knife. Doctors said they’ve never seen anything like it before, and still aren’t sure what caused the fire. Grace was rushed to the South Alabama Burn Unit via helicopter, where they treated her second-degree burns.

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Grice’s family members said she was supposed to have a routine cyst-removal surgery, targeting three cysts on her head, during which the fire erupted. Both the doctors in the room during the surgery, and the firefighters that were called to the scene after the fire, have not yet revealed what exactly caused the fire, or too many details regarding the situation in general.

Grice’s uncle, Ted Grice, said the doctors haven’t yet told the family what caused the fire, and the facility where the operation (and subsequent fire) took place, North Okaloosa Medical Center, has simply said they are conducting an investigation. Ann Grice, Kim’s mother, was predictably unhappy about the whole situation, and couldn’t believe what happened to her daughter during what was supposed to be a routine surgery.

“I am in shock. This is not what happens with a routine outpatient surgery.

She had headaches and the doctor was going to remove three cysts and biopsy them but something went bad wrong and my daughter is now in a burn unit with burn specialists and I still do not know what happened. No one will tell me why or how this happened to her.”

Hopefully the medical facility will be able to discern the cause of the fire, and prevent people who are getting routine surgery from catching on fire on top of their face. Hopefully Kim will be able to make a full recovery, and not have to deal with much scarring from the burns.

(Crestview Bulletin via The Daily What)

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