Smells Like Male Tears: The Mary Sue’s Fave Comments of the Week

Better than peaches, I guess?
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After an unofficial Thanksgiving hiatus, Fave Comments is back with two weeks worth of shameless punnery and rigorous nerdery! Case in point: see above.

In other Peter Puns, Janna had a perfect explanation for where the problematic tribe in Joe Wright’s movie originated from: “Having watched the trailer…I think they’re from the land of Pinterest Fails?”

Jess Collett had a serious inquiry for the TECH entrepreneurs who took credit for a female scientist’s reproductive health company and want vaginas to smell like peaches: “Is one of the smells available ‘male tears’?”

Screenshot 2014-12-05 at 3.51.34 PM

Kris made a triumphant return in our last edition of Fave Comments, but that was no excuse to debass us all with this string of puns! This isn’t meant to encore-age you guys.

Speaking of debasement, Jannelle S has some valid inquiries about some strange expenditures for The Interview movie that were revealed by the recent Sony hack: “How does one spend $241 for a “table of weed, coke, pills and panties”? is a “table” a valid unit of measurement for weed, coke, pills, or panties? How many lids to a table? How much is a “table”? Bigger than a bushel? Smaller than a nightstand? I know absolutely nothing about the price of weed or coke, and pills and panties vary, but I suspect $241 isn’t going to get you very far with any of those. Are we buying panties from Wal-Mart, or are we talking $40 pairs from Nordstrom? ” WE MAY NEVER KNOW.

Meanwhile, John W wants to know what happened to the maker who built that incredible 3d printed Stargate: “Unfortunately Cara McNab is unavailable for comment as her whereabouts are unknown. “She was standing right there in front of the thing and then she was gone…”

Screenshot 2014-12-05 at 4.00.56 PM

That’ll do, Captain Z. That’ll do.

Thanks for making the last two weeks such a treat, gang!

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