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This Father-Son Duo Welds Transformers Out of Scrap Metal

This video from Great Big Story features a father-son duo from Hunan, China who create giant metal sculptures from scrap metal. The two started their business back in 2010. “It was just the two of us, learning by trial and error,” explains father Yu Zhilin. The two used old car parts to create models of Transformers, which added to the authentic look because…well, Transformers change into cars.

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Their business has grown since then, and they build their own designs now. The video glides over one of these designs, a badass giant metal eagle which I would like to place outside my castle-fortress when the U.S. descends into a Mad Max dystopia. The sculptures range from 7 feet (2.2. meters) high to 49 feet (15 meters) high.

“It makes me happy that my son helps me,” says Zhilin. “I want to raise him so that he will be even better than me.”

While their metalworking is a business rather than a hobby, it still always warms my heart to see parents share their passions and craftsmanship with their kids. The sharing and passing down of skills – whether it’s practicing sports, reading together, knitting, welding, or cooking – is such a cool part of parenting. And Zhilin’s son, Yu Lingyun, has clearly grown up just as passionate about the work.

“Painters have brushes,” says Lingyun. “We have torches.”

(Via Nerdist; image via screengrab)

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