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Superhero Pop’s Latest X-Men-Themed Music Video Features Lila Cheney


From the minds that brought you “The Sight of the Sound,” an excellent X-Men-themed music video about Dazzler performing underground synth-pop, comes this new video featuring the New Mutants and some 1980s rock n’ roll. Lila Cheney, fictional rock star (and mutant) from the Marvel Universe, puts on a rock concert for a group of gifted youngsters from Xavier’s nearby school. This is a fan-made parody video by Superhero Pop, so no official Marvel higher-up could possibly complain, because fair use (thank goodness).

The whole video is specifically set in the ’80s, complete with the costumes from that era, and a song with a Joan Jett vibe. Although parts of the video feel a little rough around the edges (it’s a fan-made production, after all!), the attention to detail and dedication on display is undeniably impressive.

If you’ve never seen the first video in this series, starring Gentry Roth as Dazzler, it’s definitely worth a re-watch:

So many Easter Eggs for X-Men fans buried in both videos!

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