PipBoy gives a thumbs up to Fallout fans in Fallout TV show promo ad.

It’s Time to Leave the Vault—the ‘Fallout’ Trailer Is Here!

Get those Pip-Boys ready, Vault Dwellers!

The Fallout video game franchise began in 1997 with the release of the first game in the series. Now Prime Video is turning it into an action-packed TV show.

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Originally, Fallout was only for computers and had that third-person camera angle that was so popular way back when. Yet the post-apocalyptic game set itself apart with its aesthetic mix of 1950s vibes and wasteland realness. Since the first game’s cult success, the series has grown to feature nine video games that can be played on computers and game systems. This includes the super-popular spin-off Fallout: New Vegas that revitalized the series in 2010. Not to mention there are also a few Fallout tabletop games.

With all that success, and legions of devoted fans, you would think there would be a television show or movie out by now. Thankfully Prime Video and Bethesda Studios came together and announced a television series based on Fallout is in the works. They have kept everything about the project closely guarded until now. Some secrets have finally started to escape the vault, so let’s go over all we know about the Fallout TV show.

When is the Fallout show release date?

In a stroke of luck, the production for Fallout wrapped in 2022 and avoided issues with the Hollywood strikes. A few internet hopefuls thought this might mean the series would be available on Prime Video in late 2023. However, we now know that the Fallout premiere date is April 10, 2024—a day earlier than originally announced.

The official Fallout trailer

At long last, we have a full-length Fallout trailer to enjoy that gives us an in-depth look into the world of the show and all its inhabitants. Check out Teresa Jusino’s write-up on the Fallout global trailer, which includes insights from Executive Producers Jonathan Nolan, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, and Graham Wagner addressing the themes of the show and how, like the game, this Prime Video adaptation will examine life in the Wasteland from several perspectives, highlighting the struggle between the “haves” and the “have-nots.”

The Fallout teaser trailer

The Fallout teaser trailer, released back in December, gave us our first look inside the iconic vault and offered music that sounds straight out of the games. A young vault dweller in the traditional blue and yellow jumpsuit packs up her gear to head out into the wasteland. Outside of the vault, a hostile world full of creepy bugs and possibly creepier people await her. But at least there is a dog. Contrasting her unease outside of the vault, the Brotherhood of Steel seems to be conquering a land decimated by bombs. And a ghoulish bounty hunter is out for blood. Over the gore and decimation, soothing music plays from a bygone era to make it feel just like the video games do.

Who is in the Fallout TV show?

Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets), Aaron Moten (Next), Kyle MacLachlan (Twin Peaks), and Walton Goggins (The Righteous Gemstones) star in the show. Purnell is our vault-dweller, Lucy, who must summon the courage to leave Vault 33 on an important mission. Moten plays Maximus, a troubled Brotherhood of Steel scribe. MacLachlan plays Overseer Hank, in charge of Vault 33.

Goggins plays The Ghoul, a mysterious bounty hunter who, if the glimpses of him as a human in the full trailer are any indication, has a complicated and nuanced backstory. In the games, ghouls are living people who look almost like zombies because of their prolonged exposure to radiation. If anyone could survive an atomic bomb, it would be Little Baby Billy.

Other members of the cast include Chris Parnell, Sarita Choudhury, Moisés Arias, and Michael Emerson.

What’s it about?

Like the game, the show will be set in what was once known as Southern California. Specifically, Vault 33 (the game begins in Vault 13) which is located in Los Angeles. The Fallout mythos states in 2077 nuclear fallout decimated the United States, which had held tight to the post-war culture of the 1950s. Many people were able to survive generations in underground fallout shelters known as vaults.

The adventure begins when a Vault Dweller must leave their home in 2161 to find some tech to keep their people alive. The Vault Dweller has no idea what awaits them in a wasteland world that is unlike the somewhat sheltered life of the vault. With the teaser trailer and location known, we can guess this means the Brotherhood of Steel, Followers of the Apocalypse, and the New Republic of California government will all play a part in the story. Besides the unstable people, Fallout also boasts radiated animals and unique creatures known as Deathclaws.

In an exclusive First Look from Vanity Fair, we learned more about the plot of this series. The story will not be based on any one game but will be part of the Fallout canon and build on the existing mythology. Lucy’s mission will definitely be a culture shock as she encounters the likes of Maximus, The Ghoul, and others who’ve cobbled together a life above-ground and insist that she’s not built for life outside her vault. Time will tell if that proves to be true!

How many episodes will the Fallout TV show have?

Right now, the show is set for one 8-episode season on Prime Video, with each episode having about an hour runtime. That’s plenty of time to enjoy a cold Nuka-Cola and an iguana-on-a-stick while you watch.

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