Facebook Starts a PAC, is Looking For Some More "Friends"

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As part of a plan to get more involved in politics, Facebook created a political action committee it will be using to support politicians that might be able to help it get by in a world where social media is becoming increasingly important but also increasingly complicated. The PAC was incorporated on Monday right around the time that the domains Fbpac.org and Fbpac.us were registered. For the moment Facebook is remaining tight-lipped about the whole deal. One makes a PAC in order to support political campaigns, so Facebook is clearly planning on doing that but they’ve yet to say anything about who they might have their eyes on.

Facebook has been stepping up its Washington presence for years, so it’s really not all that surprising they’ve incorporated a PAC. Back in 2007, Facebook hired its first Washington-based employee, now it has about a dozen, including four lobbyists. With all the patent-trolling going on and rising questions about software patents, in addition to increasing concern about net neutrality and online privacy, it’s no wonder Facebook wants to have a foothold in Washington. It’ll be interesting to see how they decide to go about this.

(via New York Times)

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