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F7U12 Rings: Interpersonal Relations Edition


Tired of wearing traditional jewelry that doesn’t express your personality as much as it expresses how much debt you just put yourself in? Are you obsessed with Internet memes? Oh my god! There are totally rings with Internet memes on them now. And they will absolutely express how you’re feeling, whether it’s trolled, or trollin’, no heat-sensitive liquid crystal required.  And what better way to propose than with Forever Alone Guy…

Well, maybe with his ring, by Studio Mango, is called “2Gether,” and is made of 3D printed Laser Sintered Polyamide (silver forthcoming). As you can see, it depicts two humanoids conversing, face-to-face, deep in thought, much like you and the person keeping you “forever not-alone” are.

And what if you’re not exactly committed, you’re just keeping each other, um, company? Not “forever alone,” but “not forever tied down”? Well, then, here are some bears humping.

“Hibernation Hump” by VeraMeat is available in silver, red copper, gold brass, and 14K gold, depending on what color bears you’d like to see humping atop your finger of choice.

What better way to show that special someone that you’re committed to them (in a way that you just can’t fully explain to your loved ones)?

(Etsy via Fashionably Geek, mocoloco, VeraMeat)

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