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Ready for Closeups, Ballistics: Explosive-Proof Makeup Developed for Armed Forces

Just What You've Always Wanted


Action movie heroines (and heroes) with perfect makeup are just one step closer to science fact, not fiction.

Research scientists at the University of Southern Mississippi have developed a heat-resistant lotion that can withstand high temperatures, protect against a direct blast of heat for more than 15 seconds, is waterproof, and can be applied with ease (and, obviously, is fireproof). Invented for use by soldiers and firefighters, the military’s guidelines for the facial creme presented a hurdle for the team, because the product had to include DEET, an insect repellant that is, you guessed it, incredibly flammable.

Problem-solving included looking for bonds like those found in silicone that are outside the ‘intense flame spectrum’, and adding in a variety of synthetic polymers to shield the DEET’s flammable components. The findings are being presented as part of a talk on Polymers in Personal Care and Cosmetics, at the 244th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society.

But, sitting and sweating in the doldrums of summer, one can’t help but think of think of all the fun applications such a product could have. When we first saw this article, and its description of a ‘lotion’, we were skeptical. But a face-covering pigment that comes in different colors, is non-irritating, and easily removed? Sounds like makeup to us! Makeup that can survive the heatwave from a concussive blast. You take care of business, people, and, soon, look fabulous while doing it.

(via io9)

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