Please Come Enjoy Etta Candy’s Scrapbook of Her Beautiful Girlfriend, Diana Prince

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As part of the promotional campaign around Wonder Woman‘s release on Blu-Ray and digital platforms, Warner Brothers has released the above video of Etta Candy “reminiscing” about the events of the film. It turns the narrative wonderfully and humorously on its head, reframing Diana’s heroic origin story as the tale of Etta helping a poor girl to navigate London.

It is also very obviously about Etta Candy showing us photos of her beautiful Amazonian girlfriend, and none of you can tell me otherwise!

“You’ve caught me smack-dab in the middle of reminiscing,” Candy says to the viewer, “I have got a collection of some of my absolute favorite photographs. Here, I have a lovely photo of Diana. Now, Diana Prince and I, we met under unusual circumstances. She told me that she was molded out of clay…which is nice.”

“I felt it incumbent upon me to to help her with her outfits,” Etta continues. “We tried on several outfits. She came out looking quite attractive, I will say. She wasn’t…over fond of our current trends. I love her very much; I wanted to kill her. But the rest of my time with her was joyous.

“Diana brought some light to a very dark and a very difficult time,” she concludes, “and I’m very glad to call her my friend. No one looks better fighting in a tiara.”

Me, watching this video:

Don’t @ me.

(Via io9; image via screengrab)

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