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City Council Meetings Have Never Looked As Exciting As They Do In This Ad

Take it from someone who's covered them for a living -- they've never been this exciting, either.

Most of you have probably never had cause to summon the sheer force of will required to sit through your average city council meeting. Or maybe you did, but you used it for a worthy cause, like rescuing yourself from being stranded in an arctic wilderness. Congratulations. You probably didn’t use that willpower to actually sit through a city council meeting, because there are only three kinds of people who do that: City council members, harried reporters, and the deeply, profoundly insane. Of those three, only the latter group can be counted on to be awake from gavel to gavel. But man, the city council of Whitehorse in the Candian Yukon has done its level best to make their council meetings look interesting, and between a combination of tension inducing cinematography and a nail-biting soundtrack, they’ve almost succeeded.

Considering how much it takes to make your average city council meeting looks like anything you would get out of bed for, that’s a really impressive feat. Respect should be paid. But if you’re thinking of going to a real city council meeting, take our advice and get your civic engagement on somewhere else. These things never live up to the trailers.

(via YouTube)

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