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Watch Episode One of Her Story (and the Rest of the Season) RIGHT NOW!


We’ve been talking about this show a lot, and it’s finally here! Her Story has been released online for all to see! You can watch the first episode above! All six episodes of Season One are available for viewing, too.

Here’s the synopsis of the show from the Her Story website:

Her Story is about two trans women in Los Angeles who have given up on love, when suddenly chance encounters give them hope. Violet is drawn to Allie, a reporter who approaches her for an interview, while career-driven Paige meets James, the first man she’s considered opening up to in years. Will they risk letting what they are stand in the way of being loved for who they are?

Having seen the series in its entirety, I can tell you that it is worth watching. Never before has a series captured the lives and loves of trans women so honestly and beautifully. The show is also about women all across the LGBTQ+ spectrum and really examines both the solidarity, and the tensions, within the entire community.

Not only is the story – written by Jen Richards and Laura Zak – rich, and funny, and complex, and entertaining, but the performances are all exquisite. Leads Richards and Zak have a wonderful chemistry, and were each amazing in their roles, but I have to say that the true star of this piece is the wonderful Angelica Ross, who steals this whole show as Paige. Every time she left the screen, I got really sad. She needs to be cast in everything. Seriously, everything. Also, she needs to be my BFF, but that’s a Fairy Godmother wish for another day.

Her Story really is a testament to diversity in all its forms. While there were some cis men involved in production, it was majority-women throughout. There were trans women both in front of and behind the camera. There were women of color from the director, to a good number of the cast. And LGBTQ+ people abound!  This entire production should prove once and for all that quality female talent is already out there creating amazing work! So, anyone who says they looked but “weren’t able to find any?” This diverse band of ladies are waiting for your call.

Enjoy binge-watching Her Story Season One! And if you like what you see, share it far and wide, letting everyone know that the world needs more content like this!

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