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‘Enola Holmes 2’: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

Enola Holmes movie starring Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock Holmes' sister

It has been almost two years since Enola Holmes first made its way to audiences’ TV screens on Netflix. It proved to be a delightful and charming film that offered a refreshing take on the popular world of Sherlock Holmes. The film follows Enola Holmes (Millie Bobby Brown), the younger sister of world-renowned detective, Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). She has her brother’s wit and her mother’s independence, but her skills are put to the test when her mother, Eudoria (Helena Bonham Carter), disappears.

To find her mother, she evades her brother (and legal guardian), Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin), who wishes to send her away to a girls’ school, and sets off with runaway Viscount Tewkesbury (Louis Partridge) to solve a mystery that’s bigger than they initially thought. Brown received high praise for her lead role as Enola. Meanwhile, Cavill also made a surprisingly compelling (and dashing) Holmes. Enola Holmes certainly had the feeling of only being the beginning, though. As she discovers her passion for being a detective and for finding lost people, Enola will surely have more mysteries ahead of her to solve.

Sure enough, by May 2021, Enola Homes 2 was officially confirmed by Netflix. Brown, Cavill, Patridge, and Bonham Carter will all be reprising their roles. In addition to this, director Harry Bradbeer and writer Jack Thorne have also returned. Enola Holmes 2 will mark the second film that Brown has both starred in, and produced. Fans can rest assured that the Holmes family is returning to the screen very soon with the sequel to the hit Enola Holmes. Here’s everything we know so far about Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2.

Enola Holmes 2 release date

Initially, Enola Holmes 2 had only been confirmed to be releasing sometime in 2022, but now it has an official release date. Netflix announced on August 18, 2022, that Enola Holmes 2 will premiere on the platform on November 4, 2022. This means Netflix will be ending the 2022 year on a rather mysterious note, with Enola Holmes 2 slated for November and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery following closely on its heels with a December release date.

Enola Holmes 2 cast

Enola Holmes starring Millie Bobby Brown as Enola and Henry Cavill as Sherlock

Of course, Enola Holmes 2 will welcome back its lead star, Brown, as Enola. Brown was reportedly paid $10 million to star in the sequel. If true, she may have broken the record for the highest film salary paid upfront for an actor under 20. It’s no surprise, though, considering that she’s one of the most coveted young actresses in Hollywood and she truly shines as Enola. Also joining her will be Man of Steel actor, Cavill, reprising his role as Sherlock. Rounding out the Holmes family will be Bonham Carter, returning as the mother of Enola and Sherlock.

Meanwhile, Brown’s Enola Holmes co-star, Patridge, is also returning as Tewkesbury. While he was a runaway in the first film, he has since accepted his place in the House of Lords. Though Enola and Tewkesbury were separated at the end of the first film, it seems a reunion is in order for them in the sequel. Adeel Akhtar and Susie Wokoma will also be reprising their roles as Lestrade and Edith, respectively. Last, but not least, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, David Thewlis, Gabriel Tierney, Hannah Dodd, Abbie Hern, and Serranna Su-Ling Bliss have also all been cast in Enola Holmes 2 in undisclosed roles.

The only cast member who is noticeably missing is Claflin, who portrayed Mycroft in the first film. His name has not been added to any cast lists for Enola Holmes 2, so far. Hence, it does not appear he will be returning for the film, though he may surprise us yet. For all we know, he could at least turn up for a cameo, even if he’s not part of the main cast.

Enola Holmes 2 plot

Millie Bobby Brown as Enola and Louis Partridge as Viscount in Enola Holmes

So far, Netflix has kept details of Enola Holmes 2‘s plot pretty tightly under wraps. The only information we have is a short synopsis on IMDb that reads:

Now a detective-for-hire, Enola Holmes takes on her first official case to find a missing girl as the sparks of a dangerous conspiracy ignite a mystery that requires the help of friends – and Sherlock himself – to unravel

Still, even this short summary is filled with some interesting hits. First and foremost, we see that Enola will be a full-fledged detective-for-hire in this film. While her detective skills are impeccable, she was only just a regular girl in the first film, striking out on her own to solve a mystery while on the run from her well-meaning brothers. Now that she’s solved a case faster than her own brother could, it seems she is now a sought-after detective. Meanwhile, she’s still utilizing her knack for finding missing people (that arose from searching for her mother).

This time, though, the stakes are quite a bit higher. There was always a feeling in Enola Holmes that her mother had left of her own accord, for some unknown reason. In Enola Holmes 2, there seems to be a girl who is genuinely missing and whose life might be in danger if a greater conspiracy is afoot. Fortunately, Holmes has her friends to rely on, as well as her brother, Sherlock. Hopefully, this means we’ll actually get to see Sherlock and Enola work closely this time. Their interactions in the first film were always brief, though they clearly shared a much sweeter sibling bond than Enola and Mycroft.

Enola Holmes 2 teaser & first look images

Before Netflix released the official Enola Holmes 2 trailer, they gave us a brief teaser shown during Netflix’s 2022 Movie Preview. The teaser starts at about 1:06 and shows a few brief shots of the film. One shot shows Enola being chased through the streets, while another sees her dancing with a young gentleman. We also get a glimpse of Cavill’s Sherlock smoking the detective’s signature pipe. Check out the teaser below:

Brown also shared a few first-look images of Enola Holmes 2 on Instagram. Some photos appear to show Enola in trouble, as she flees from police and sits in a carriage with handcuffs on. However, we also get glimpses of her teaming up with Tewkesbury, Sherlock, and even having an adventure with her mother. Another image shows Enola and Sherlock trying to look inconspicuous in a crowd of people. Check out Brown’s first-look images of Enola Homes 2 below:

Enola Holmes 2 Official Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer for Enola Holmes 2 on September 24, 2022, as part of their 2022 TUNDUM event. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer is just about as exciting and action-packed as we expect Enola Holmes 2 to be. With her first major case behind her, Enola starts her own detective agency. However, while Sherlock’s business is booming to point of stretching him thin, Enola struggles to get hers off the ground. When a girl with a missing sister seeks Enola’s help, though, we see her land another major case. In fact, it’s so major that it unexpectedly intersects with a separate case being handled by Sherlock. This confirms that we’ll finally see the dream team – Enola and Sherlock – solving a mystery together.

(featured image: Netflix)

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