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You Can Now Search For Businesses in Yelp With Emoji

This makes me feel sad face.


So let’s say that you need some coffee, but you don’t know where to look for it, and you’ve also completely forgotten what it’s called. I don’t know, maybe you can’t read or you’ve been in a traffic accident or something. Well don’t worry, my confused friend! Now you don’t have to know what it’s called, just what it looks like.

It’s now possible to search for local businesses in your area by using emoji instead of words, thereby transforming the phone app into the equivalent of a Denny’s menu. Which, in all seriousness, could be useful for ESL speakers, people with dyslexia, the elderly, and anybody else who would have a much easier time using pictorial representations of the things they want. But considering how utterly ridiculous some of those emoji are, we’re a bit concerned about what somebody who’s already too reliant on them might start to search for.

For example! Say you’re not looking for coffee. Say you’re looking for some spiritual guidance.


Or, perhaps, a… syringe full of blood?


For those of you who are looking at the above image and thinking, “Wait, why is a chocolate shop showing up amongst all these medical centers?” It’s because Max Brenner carries plastic syringes filled with chocolate.

And, of course, because we are Geekosystem, we had to submit a search with the “toilet” emoji:


Yikes. Sorry, Long Island Bagel Cafe. I can’t vouch for you like I can for Max Brenner. You’re on your own there.

(via TheNextWeb)

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