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Emily Murphy, Who Delayed Presidential Transition, Did the Bare Minimum and Still Sucked

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At long last, 17 days after the election was called by all networks and news organizations in his favor, President-Elect Joe Biden can officially begin the transition process, now that General Services Administration head Emily Murphy has done her job and released the resources and funds to Biden and his transition team. But of course, the woman who had delayed the transition and endangered lives in doing so did it in the pettiest and more unprofessional way possible.

Murphy sent a letter to Biden at around 6:00 p.m. eastern time, letting him, and the world, know that she was finally admitting that he was the apparent winner of the election. The letter however was, to use a legal term, hot garbage full of excuses and condescension. And I’m guessing because she says no one pressured her into making this delay, it also contains lies.

“Please know that I came to my decision independently, based on the law and available facts. I was never directly or indirectly pressured by any Executive Branch official—including those who work at the White House or GSA—with regard to the substance or timing of my decision,” Muphy, a Trump appointee, wrote.  She lays the blame for her unconscionable delay for the transition process on the “legal challenges” that arose thanks to Trump’s bungled attempt to subvert the democratic process.

But the thing is, that’s not an excuse, because these challenges were never valid and viable and Emily Murphy should know that. She’s a lawyer and a government worker, and also has a brain and eyes, and like anyone could clearly see that Biden won. But she made a choice based on loyalty to a bad man. Her refusal to see reality slowed down the transfer of power in the middle of a global pandemic and economic recession.

But Murphy doubled down. She lambasts the law which gives her this power for not being clear enough (which, okay, fair) but then again says it’s because of developments in recent legal challenges that she’s finally doing her job. This letter became public just as Biden’s win was certified in Michigan, and Trump lost his final path to stealing the election. But the fact remains, this delay never should have even happened and Murphy should not have legitimized Trump’s attempted coup by playing along and delaying the transition.

The decision also came as Murphy refused to appear before Congress as requested to explain herself, and Rep. Katie Porter was not having any of it. I’d certainly do whatever it took to avoid Porter’s whiteboard wrath, and so it’s completely possible this was the straw that broke the camel’s back as well.

No matter the reason, Murphy finally gave in. But she did it with a letter that made it seem like she was doing Joe Biden a favor, dripping with contempt and further legitimizing Donald Trump’s bogus attacks on democracy. Which is bad! But at least we know this has Trump freaking out more … and now he’s refusing to acknowledge this as well

Yeah. He was pressuring her and I think he thinks he still can, but even the most spineless of his supporters and facing reality now. I hope Trump does the same soon too.

(via: Huff Post, image: CHANDAN KHANNA/AFP via Getty Images)

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